Sustainable Business

that Integrates Intelligently

Michael Kelm and I have joined forces so businesses can take the step to become sustainable businesses that work and create in sync with the forces of nature and not against it - to the advantage of both. Earth needs protection and it is five minutes to twelve. Those businesses who today learn to work with the forces of nature will be the lighthouse businesses of tomorrow - and we are here to get then there.

Nature at the core of everything humans do. It is the main force of life, our senses are developed by nature. We are who we are through nature. Our senses show us the world through nature. Our sense of beauty evolved from nature. We are who we are through nature. If we live by nature we will prevail. If we go against nature we will disappear.

We show businesses how to work with and not against the forces of nature and to achieve a sustainable way to be a part of a world that will last for generations.

Intelligent and sustainable businesses use the

creative forces of people as an ever replenishing fountain of ideas.

To get the best work from human beings  we put focus on seeing them as a creative personality driven by own interests and how to align these interests with the goal of the business

Nature + Personality = Culture

Business has to be as close to life as possible. Good business cannot exist outside of the laws of nature and in a climate of disrespect for the human condition.