Sustainable Intelligent Business

Our love for the beauty of earth, the highlights of art, philosophy and human civilization led to us opening a new form of agency: an agency for intelligent, sustainable business.

We think that business does not have to work against nature, polluting it with exhaust, plastic and other trash and poison. It can work hand in hand with it, and lead to a better business, fulfilled lives, and an intact nature for generations to come.

We also noticed that business often is isolated from the environment it is in, and this is the source of the problem. Business can be connected to nature and  to the creative wells of the people working for it. On the road to becoming a sustainable business businesses will see the advantages also as a business as it will increase its quality and decrease its dependence on market forces and become a strong, intelligently interconnected business.

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Sustainable Business - Intelligent Business

Sustainable business is the way to do business in the future. In 20 years businesses that are not built in a sustainable way will have no chance in competing against those who do.


A sustainable business is connected to the world around it and aware of everything that goes on around it. Because of this is acts with more intelligence. This reduces stress on the environment and on people. This results in much higher quality products and services. The intelligent and sustainable business is far superior to conventionally run businesses.

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A sustainable company respects who a person is and builds on his character, passions, interests. Instead of trying to cut everyone down to a standard size it allows for individuality. It treats people with dignity - and as a result gets outstanding creativity.

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Human Relationships

A sustainable business treats all human beings as human beings with respect an dignity. This leads to long lasting and inspired relationships among workers and between the sustainable company and its clients and customers. This results in a high amount of satisfaction for everybody involved: owners, shareholders, workers, customers, clients. This makes the sustainable business the strongest business.

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A living, self-regulating organism

The open minded, aware and intelligent workers of a sustainable business react to the changing world on a daily basis. A restructuring is unnecessary as the change, like in a living thing, is ongoing and part of daily life. This way, a sustainable business is always in touch with changes in its environment - when the sun goes up, the flowers open their buds without having to be told.

Costly restructuring, the large, unproductive number of people who do nothing but supervising others is unnecessary in the intelligent, sustainable business. A sustainable business is like a living organism that can take care of itself in a natural and effective way - just like real organisms do.

It is Local

A sustainable business is local. It has a definite location in a real environment. It is in constant contact with this environment and a part of it, and this is why it is taking care of this world around it and not harming it.